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How to generate strong random passwords?

As we saw in previous chapters, the difference between the level of security provided by weak and strong passwords is huge. The question remains: how to create random strong passwords? Lets look at the alternatives.

  • Choosing "randomly" letters and numbers. It appears random but only at first sight. Numerous research studies have proven that humans are not very good at random picks - they always try to spread the things too evenly, which is not random behavior.
  • "Random" typing on the keyboard with closed eyes. This is slightly better than random choosing but still nowhere random enough.
  • Online random password generators. Much better than the previous two alternatives but have 2 major drawbacks. The first is the possibility that the generated password may be saved on the website with malicious purposes or someone may eavesdrop on your connection and intercept the generated passwords. The second major problem is the quality of the random number generators, which very often is not up to the task. Many of them are naively implemented and provide a lot fewer combinations than theoretically possible (no more that tens or hundreds of millions, which is not strong password by any means - see the table in the previous chapter).
  • Specialized random password generator programs. The best option as long as they are implemented properly and come from trusted source.

Mil Shield offers a random password generator with high quality random generation and no password logging or sending. You can use it to create any type of passwords: from simple PIN codes to very strong and long passwords that are impossible to crack with even the fastest supercomputers.

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