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Delete index.dat files

A short introduction to Index.dat files - what are they, what is their purpose and why are they considered to be privacy threat. Index.dat files are used in each version of Internet Explorer since IE 4 and they are an integral part of Internet Explorer.
The location of index.dat files depends on the version of Windows. Here you will find the location of the index.dat files on your computer. Some of the Index.dat files are not visible from Windows Explorer and are not easy to find with standard search tools of Windows.
This chapter contains a comprehensive description of the index.dat file format. It includes hex dumps of the index.dat file header and description of all types of index.dat file records: HASH, URL, REDR and LEAK. You are going to need this information if you are trying to examine and understand the content of your index.dat files.
Here you can find out how to delete the index.dat files manually. While this is possible, it is a slow and inconvenient process. You can use an automated program called Mil Shield to clean not only index.dat files but also all other tracks (cookies, history, temporary Internet files, recent documents history and many other) with single click of your mouse.
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